Meet the Team


Devon Mussio

Devon, the founder of Boom Tap is a Business of Economics student at Mercyhurst University where he also plays on the Men’s NCAA Division 1 Hockey Team. Devon has also made stops at The University of Alaska Anchorage as well as North Island College after graduating from St. George’s School. An up and coming businessman, Devon is eager to get Boom Tap out into the market to help Charities and Businesses improve on much needed earnings.

Co-Founder/Vice President

Wesley Mussio

Since becoming a lawyer in 1991, Wes Mussio has worked extensively in the area of civil litigation. Mr. Mussio has specialized in injury claims but also does estate litigation and some corporate commercial work. He is the founder and managing partner of Mussio Goodman, one of the leading litigation firms in the Province of British Columbia. In 1993, a family run business called Backroad Mapbooks was invented. The company has grown to be the largest outdoor recreation publishing company in Canada with hundreds of different outdoor books in print. He also helped Penny Stainton-Mussio develop an on-line help website called and further, wrote a series of legal books including “What ICBC Does Not Want You to Know” and “The Basics of Estate Litigation in British Columbia”. Mr. Mussio has a passion for ice hockey. After his playing days came to an end, he became the owner of the Delta Ice Hockey Junior B franchise in the PJHL. He has since purchased and runs the Nanaimo Clippers Junior A hockey team in the BCHL, one of the most successful Junior A franchises in the country. Mr. Mussio is an innovator and has been able to successfully start a number of different companies from the ground level.

Head of Sales

Tali Campbell

Tali Campbell has been involved in Senior Management for six years as a Vice President, General Manager and Director of Business Operations in two Hockey Clubs. He currently is the Vice President and General Manager of the Coquitlam Express Junior A Hockey Club and Operations Manager for First Canadian Management Corporation which oversees 14 hotels across Canada. During his time as a senior manager, he has been able to revamp and restructure companies. From an human resource standpoint, community outreach, financially and helping make them sustainable for the future. He is currently 25 years old and has a big passion for giving back, he sits on various not-for-profit boards including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Kid Sport, Youth Sticking Together and more. He is excited to see Boom Tap come into the market to help not-for-profits out.

Board of Directors

Penny Stainton-Mussio

Penelope “Penny” Stainton-Mussio went to UBC and received a Bachelor Degree in Education after finishing two years of commerce. She then completed a Master’s Degree in Education, with a specialty in Administration and Policy Development. She worked in the school system for over 15 years and was a Business Education Teacher, Department Head, Counsellor and Vice Principal. In the school system, Penny worked on dozens of committees, government projects, and children/parent/ staffing policy issues. In her 20s, Penny started her first company called the Canadian Tutoring Service and then married her husband of 28 years, Wes Mussio, a Vancouver Lawyer. Over the years, the couple have raised two children in Vancouver and have started many successful companies together, in Vancouver and all over Canada, which are: The Canadian Tutoring Service; Backroad Mapbooks; Mussio Law Group; Mussio Goodman;; Delta Ice Hawks Junior hockey; and Nanaimo Clippers Junior A Hockey team. Penny is an innovator having come up with numerous inventions over the years that have been provided to others to develop. She has been able to start many businesses from scratch making them into successful, ongoing entities.

Head of Marketing

Chris Taylor

Chris is Vice-President of Backroad Mapbooks, where he has spent over a decade overseeing the operations of the company. As a spearhead with a hand in everything from sales to Quality Control to human resources, Chris keeps his finger on the pulse of Backroad Mapbooks. Chris looks forward to pushing Boom Tap forward with a focus on marketing.