Our Innovation

Boom Tap is a card reading technology that allows a customer to quickly tap his/her debit or credit card on the tap reading machine resulting in a predetermined amount of the tip or donation. The information regarding the card is kept for later processing and then the information is discarded so as to avoid any potential fraud or unauthorized charges. After processing a service fee for each transaction, Bom Tap pays the charity/business its net proceeds quickly from the donations.

This technology is unique although it is become more and more popular in Europe and other parts of the world. Most people nowadays do not carry coins and bills and therefore, donations across the industry are falling rapidly. With the Boom Tap system, your customers can conveniently donate by using their debit or credit card without the need for one of your staff members to enter information before the donation can be made.

This allows on-the-spot donations by customers as opposed to customers having to spend time in front of your employee trying to make the donation, which would discourage most customers from doing so.