Boom Tap technology can be customized for the individual needs of the business. We have a wide array of different donation tapping systems. We have the traditional coin box with the tapping option that can be placed at the front counter of any business. We have wall mounts where a customer can hit the Boom Tap on the way out of the business if they are so inclined to add a donation or tip. We have lanyards with the tapping mechanism so volunteers can walk around face-to-face events trying to secure donations.

The donation system is more secure than cash or coins because there is less potential for theft by volunteers/employees. The business will get a full detailed summary of all the donations together with any service charges so that there are no surprises. Regular payment of donations and tipping will be made on a minimum of a monthly basis depending on the volume of business going through the Boom Tap technology.

For the business, other than keeping a watchful eye on the Boom Tap technology to avoid theft of the tapping machine by consumers, and ensuring the technology is fully charged and accessible to customers, there is very little requirement to maintain the technology. Of course, the more the business directs their customers to the Boom Tap technology the more profits can be achieved.