About Us

The main founder, Devon Mussio recognized the need to modernize donating while volunteering for many different nonprofits and charities like the Salvation Army. His idea came about when he became increasingly frustrated about the inability to donate or tip at local businesses without a pocket full of change. Without coins or bills on hand, the ability to add a donation to a charity was impossible. Tipping, unless there was an option on the credit or debit card, wasn’t available either. Mr. Mussio sought out and secured a group of investors and real-world innovators to help develop the technology to come up with a donation and tipping system that was seamless and easy to use, without upfront cost or risks to the consumer. Unlike other similar startup ventures, Boom Tap is unique because the customer does not have to pay for the technology upfront nor commit themselves to monthly service and rental charges, thus taking away all risk involved with switching to the newest technology in the industry, Boom Tap.

With the current COVID-19 restrictions across North America limiting face-to-face charity events, the Boom Tap technology has becomes even more important for nonprofit organizations and charities to generate some much-needed revenue. The statistics across North America show that the charity industry is heavily hit by COVID-19 restrictions. Boom Tap technology is one way of giving back to charities and nonprofit organizations so they can continue their services, especially during this health emergency when marginalized citizens are most impacted.