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Contactless Tap Technology That Makes Donating Easier

Modern Technology​

Unlike card readers like Square, a donating customer can simply tap his/her debit or credit card on the Boom Tap machine and it instantly records payment at a predetermined donation/tip amount set by the charity/business. There is no need for an employee to physically enter information.

Increased Donations​

More and more customers are moving away from bills and coins making it increasingly difficult for charities to receive small donations through brick and mortar businesses. Boom Tap is a seamless way of allowing customer to leave a donation/tip even though they do not carry bills or coins.

No Upfront Costs​

Rather than charging a monthly rental fee for the technology, like the competitors, Boom Tap only charges a service fee per transaction so the charities/business is guaranteed to make money from the Boom Tap system. You no longer have to worry about covering the high monthly rental costs or paying upfront for the purchase of the technology.

You Pick the Donation/Tip Level​

The Boom Tap is preprogrammed to allow the charity/business to decide what the size of the donation/tip is depending on the circumstances. Whether it's $1, $2, $3, $10 or $20, it's up to the charity/business to decide.

Contactless Tap Technology That Makes Donating Easier

Boom Tap Technology Usage​

With more and more customers using debit or credit cards instead of cash, this technology will make it much easier for a customer to donate or tip. The technology can be used for not only charities but also businesses looking for checkout stand tipping, such as fast food restaurants or coffee shops.

Flexibility of Use​

Boom Tap has a wide array of donation systems ranging from a coin box with a Boom Tap option to cardboard messaging systems to walk around technology. Regardless of your needs, the system is easy to use bringing the option of donating directly to the customer.

Contactless Tap Technology That Makes Donating Easier

Nanaimo Clippers Junior A
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Mr. Hunter, Business Manager of the Nanaimo Clippers, spoke on the Boom Tap technology; "Our hockey program prides itself on obtaining donations for various local charities. Having the opportunity to simply tap your debit or credit card to make a small donation is a game changer. Having coin boxes at our games are no longer viable simply because few people carrying cash anymore. The technology is easy to use and definitely will increase our donation level in the coming years."

Contactless Tap Technology
That is Easy to Introduce in Your Business

Excellence in Customer Service

To ensure a smooth transition to the Boom Tap technology, we have an attentive customer service department to work out issues over the phone. Our staff is even available to visit local businesses to ensure seamless use of the technology.

Rapid Transition to Boom Tap

Transitioning your business to the Boom Tap technology is an easy exercise without upfront costs which means that there is no downside risk for taking the plunge into the new technology.

BOOM TAP: Contactless Tap Technology
That can be Built to Suit Your Needs

The Boom Tap technology works using a card reading technology which allows customers to simply tap there debit or credit card on the reader and walk away knowing they made their small donation/tip. As every business has unique circumstances, the technology can be built around what a business believes can be the most efficient use of the technology, whether it is a front counter coin box with the tab option, a cardboard advertisement with the tab option or a volunteer/staff member walking around with the tap technology in hand approaching customers at an event. One call to our staff and we can get started on designing the perfect system for your charity/business.